My Top 3 Netflix tv shows rn

Hey there, for anyone that knows me will know that I’m obsessed with Netflix and binge watching tv shows…typical university student i know haha.Here are my top 3 tv shows that I’ve been obsessed with the last few months.

1. Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl is my all time favourite tv show to date! The American show is based in an NYC high school with upper class students.The students receive text messages/emails from “Gossip Girl” who is an unknown source,who likes to stir the pot and obviously gossip hence the name. This show is a must watch mainly for women however my boyfriend did get caught watching a few episodes with me haha. Also girls.. you will enjoy the eye candy ;).


2.Prison Break


Prison Break is a brilliant show, it definitely leaves you wanting to watch more.
The show is based on Lincoln Burrows or was convicted of a crime he didn’t do,leaving the only person who believes his innocence Micheal Burrows to escape his big brother out of prison.
Honestly I couldn’t stop watching this series! Even better that they are bringing more episodes in 2017 i believe too šŸ™‚ so get watching before the new season comes out.


3.Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls is another one of my favs because i just thought the story line and character were so cute but so good.
The series is based on a Mother who fell pregnant at a young age with parents who are upper class and didn’t exactly approve of a non married couple bringing up a baby,which resulted in moving away when the baby was born. They moved to a small friendly town where a good few years later her parents want to be back apart of her life.

*Good news..four new episodes are being released in November 2016 so get watching šŸ™‚




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