My Snowy Travel Diary! 

Hey Guys, this is my snowy travel diary from my few days trip skiing in Val Thorens,France. 

-Day One- 07/12/16

It’s 4.15am and I’ve just zipped up my suitcase ready to take downstairs and into the car. I’m so tired but so excited at the same time.

The airport is only 1hr drive from my house which is great! We are flying to Geneva which is a 1hr 30 flight which is perfect for me to catch up with some assignments. 

Our flight was delayed by 30 minutes due to fog 😦 

We landed, went through passport control (waited so long) and collected our luggage. We are renting a car to drive up into the mountains which is a two hour drive I think. 

We were given an Skoda estate car and it was pretty decent and comfy because I slept like a baby haha. 

When I woke up we were there, snow on the ground and freezing lol. My dad picked up with apartment keys and we headed up. The view from our apartment was amazing, waking up with the view of mountains what gets better than that. 

The plan is to freshen up and go down for food. Our apartment was just above the town so we were in a perfect location. 

We found a cute little pizza shop, where I ordered just a margarita pizza, it was delicious. 

Then I need to find the ski lift place to purchase my mountain pass.

Next step is bed because I’m so tired from the day of traveling. 

-Day Two-08/12/16

It’s 7.15am… ready for day one of skiing. 

I’m dressed head to toe in my ski outfit ready to hit the slopes.

The plan for today is to do easy slopes as its day one. 

That plan failed I ended up going straight onto red runs, which for those of you that don’t know anything about skiing the difficulty of the ski runs are colour coded going from Green,Blue,Red and Black. 

It’s fair to say my legs hurt so bad. 

We stopped off for food at a place called Wok-Ski and omg their noodles are amazing! 

-Day Three-09/12/16

Omg my legs are in agony, it’s like it’s been leg day at the gym but worse. However in total I only have three days skiing so i didn’t want to miss out. 

I ate my Rice Krispes and left the apartment for a long day of skiing. 

The views are just breath taking! 

I stopped for a drink break in the mountain and was greeted by the cutest dogs ever. 

They were so well behaved! 

So it’s later on in the evening now and completed day 2 of skiing and now in the pub for drinks and food. The atmosphere is insane after skiing has ended for the day everyone just wants to party!

-Day Four- 10/12/16 

My aim for today was to take as many photos as possible for keep sakes and instagram haha. Here’s one of me…

To my surprise when it was time to ski our last run of the holiday my boyfriend told me he booked snowmobiles for us for tonight. I’ve never been or driven a snowmobile before so I was a little nervous. 

It was such a good experience, they took us all into the mountains and it was so pretty/scary with my bfs driving lol.  But a brilliant way to end the holiday.

-Day Five-11/12/16
I’m currently sitting in the airport, we have just said goodbye to the rental car and been through check in and security. My flight starts to board very soon but I hope you have enjoyed the read! Let me know what you think and improvements I can make. 

Thanks Guys!! 



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