My January Favourites!

Hey Guys, here’s some of my favourite things I’ve been using/loving in January. I will also include the websites so you can check out any of them.


5. Too Face – Better than sex mini mascara

Ive heard a lot of good reviews about this mascara and I saw the mini alternative and thought that would be perfect in my bag… I love it !

4. Kylie Cosmetics – Dolce K 

Dolce K | Lip Kit

Ive had this lip kit for a while now but lately I have really been loving it. The matte lip kit doesnt dry out your lips and is long lasting.. like you can eat and your lips are still perfect!

3. MAC-Highligher$$&_$ja=tsid:35948%7Ccid:198779374%7Cagid:10881871774%7Ctid:aud-86331023623:pla-74780074414%7Ccrid:40370636134%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:7004858000596763794%7Cdvc:c%7Cadp:1o3&gclid=CP2xiayagNICFasp0wodxp4MMQ

The highlighter is very build able which I love because sometimes you just want a subtle highlight but can be worked up for a stronger intense highlight.

2. Clarins – Cleanser–combination-oily-skin-/0124210.html#start=1

Honestly.. this product is amazing! I have acne prone skin but since using this my acne has cut in half.


  1. Mario Badescu- Drying Lotion

I use this after my cleanser for over night.. just simply put on spots or redness and it drys in overnight and then I wash off with the cleanser in the morning. Honestly its so good!!


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