How to deal with University Stress

Hey everyone,
So deadlines are just around the corner and for me it will be my final deadlines. Three years of university done. So the pressure is extremely high for me.

First things first is make a schedule of days to do work because its important to give yourself days off. Day’s off allow you to de stress and socialise which is good.

Make sure you don’t start assignments a day before..plan out your time so its not a very stressful 24 hours before deadline.I aim to submit three days before the deadline, just so if there is any error’s then it can be resolved.

Talk to people! This can be from friends, family or lecturers whoever..but sometimes when you ask for help it can calm you down and reassure yourself that you are under control haha.

Exercise..(this may not be for everyone) but going to the gym or just simply going out for a walk really helps me clear my head and helps when going back to study.


Leave comments if you have anymore tips for me 🙂 and let me know what you are studying at university.



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