My New York Travel Guide||NYC Weekly Blog

Hi everyone,
So I’ve recently came back from a one week vacation with my boyfriend to New York and I thought I would share my daily schedule with you guys. For those of you that know me will know that I’m obsessed with Gossip Girl and this was the ultimate gift for my 21st birthday to go back to celebrate.This is just a guide for tourists and I’m not in any way the ultimate guide for the city as I’ve only been a couple of times.
I strongly recommend purchasing a weekly subway card which I believe to be $33 because it made travel so cheap and easy. The maps app on Iphone’s made it super easy to get from station to station too.
However I hope you enjoy and possibly take some tips with you if you’re heading to the city soon. 🙂

Day 1- 06/06/17 (My Birthday)

So unfortunately for our first day in New York the weather wasn’t great 😦 it was rainy and slightly fogging but it was still a great day.

We visited the Top of the Rock which I personally rate better then the Empire State building as you actually get a view of the Empire State which is a very pretty building. As the weather wasn’t great it meant for no lines for the attraction and it was not crowded at the top which was brill !!

After the Top of the Rock we visited the shops in the Rockefeller Plaza which if you didn’t know was just at the bottom of the attraction Top of the Rock…so we visited shops such as the Lego and the Nintendo store.

As I’m a big fan I wanted to visit the Apple store on 5th ave in which we visited a few shops around there and viewed the flat iron building.
Note to everyone visiting take comfy shoes because you will be walking for miles haha.

On the evening we went to 230 fifth restaurant for food and drinks which had an amazing view of the Empire State however I recommend just for the drinks as the tables weren’t that suitable for eating ,more for just resting drinks.


Day 2: 07/06/17

So after having a few too many cocktails the night before the day started a bit later then I would have liked haha. We visited the Brooklyn Bridge which we got few cool Instagram shots from 55 Washington Street and then walked across the bridge. Walking across the bridge is a must!! There are great views of the skyscrapers and can even see the Statue of Liberty too. You can either walk or cycle across the bridge.

Then we headed (slightly out of the way) to 754 Metropolitan Ave which is a Bagel Store in which they sell rainbow bagel :O they are so good and not badly priced either. The rainbow bagels are great for the perfect Instagram pic too haha.

image1 copy
After that we headed back towards Times Square where our hotel was to get ready for the New York Yankees VS Boston Red Sox game which I purchased tickets from Ticket Master prior to the trip. The tickets were only $25 dollars each.. Yes we were far away but honestly every seat in the house was a good view! the atmosphere was brilliant.
TIP the subway gets extremely busy to get to the Yankee stadium so either go really early or get a taxi.

Day 3: 08/06/17

We started the day off seeing the Statue of Liberty where we were going to catch the free ferry to Staten Island as its meant to be a good view (stand on the right going) however decided not to and just viewed from a far from the Whitehall terminal.

The weather was lovely so we decided to walk to the 9/11 memorial site then following more shopping in the oculus (great architecture).

If you haven’t guessed already we like to shop haha. We headed to Soho to go into a few more shops such as Supreme and some cool trainer stores such as Nike Lab which had some really edgy fashion in for my boyfriend.

If you love pizza you need to check out Joe’s Pizza which a few people recommended to me. Its at 7 Carmine Street and its super cheap in price it was something like $3 for a slice but it was huge! The place isn’t huge but there are some chairs to eat in.. with pictures on the walls of the celebrities that have eaten there for example Khloe Kardashian.

Day 4: 09/06/17

So like I had said before we love to shop so a few people had recommended Woodbury Commons for us to go visit. The shopping outlets are an 1hr 30 mins drive which you can’t get a subway or train too so the best and most affordable way was a coach. The coach was $40 each which included return however with this they provided us with coupon book which was great as everyone loves a discount lol. You have to purchase your tickets 24 hours before leaving and you can do that at most hotels apparently or from the people on the streets trying to sell you tickets every two seconds.


TIP: if you are a student take your student card because most places such as Ralph Lauren give you 15% discount (i think only at the outlets).

But we got some really good clothing and discounts there and would recommend it for a day out and to those who like to shop.

Day 5: 10/06/17

So today was dedicated to visiting the Gossip Girl locations in which I used the app “GG Tour” which I did have to purchase but its great because it includes a map which can be accessed offline too.
After we visited the Natural History Museum and Grand Central Station.


Day 6: 11/06/17

So even though some of the GG sites were in Central Park we focused most of our day to walk around the park. The park is stunning and there are plenty of cycle lanes to hire a bike and ride round too. Some of the places we visited were Bethesda Terrace,Bow Bridge and the Zoo.


After we checked out the huge Macy’s Store…where I got lost multiple times haha.

Day 7: 12/06/17 LAST DAY 😦

So the last day just mainly focused on seeing places near the hotel such as Times Square and spending the money we had left.. which lead me to purchasing my first pair of Christian Louboutin’s heels from Barneys (BEST DAY EVER!).


I’m sorry for a super long blog haha, if you want to check out more photos go to my instagram which is @chloethacker 🙂

Thanks for reading,





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